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Use a Kitchen Aid to make this easier!

2 pkg yeast (1+1/2 TBS instant yeast)
2 C hot water (not boiling) (+ ½ C for yeast)
3 TBS sugar
1 TBS salt
5 TBS oil
6 C flour
1 egg white, beaten (optional,  for shiny crust)

Dissolve yeast in additional ½ C hot water with a sprinkle of sugar. Let stand 5-10 min.  In a large bowl combine 2 C hot water with sugar, salt, oil, and 3 C flour. Stir with wooden spoon.  Add yeast mixture and remaining 3 C flour.  Stir well. Do not knead. Let stand for 10 minutes then stir.

Again, let dough stand for 10 minutes then stir.  Repeat this process 4 more times, for a total of 1 hour of stirring and resting.  Divide dough into two or three equal portions. Roll halves to approx. 9×12 (thirds somewhat smaller), then roll up like a jelly roll, sealing edges.  Score top of loaf with a sharp knife and brush with egg white.  Let rise 30 minutes, bake at 375 for 20 minutes.