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My girls (this includes daughters by birth and marriage and granddaughters) and my friends asked for my recipes often. I began putting them all on my computer so I could email them when I received a request. Then I thought about putting them all in a cookbook and publishing it, but I realized it would be out of date as soon as it was published because I find new recipes everyday. A website was the perfect solution. Vanilla Carrots was born!

Why Vanilla Carrots- originally this website had the very boring title “Yum.” during our time in Japan I was arranging a visit for some of my friends to the art studio of a new friend. When arrived he explained how his computer’s spell check changed my name, Vanalee Carruth, to Vanilla Carrots every time he put it in an email. I laughed and decided immediately that it was the perfect name for this site.

I created this website many years ago when we were living in Japan. I think most everyone has forgotten about it. I still use it often. Recently, I have been thinking and reading about how family recipes are part of the legacy that we leave. Cooking and sharing food has been part of my daily life and still is as I approach my 70th birthday. It is one of the ways I channel my need to create. I am hoping that one day one of my great grandchildren will find this site and cherish these recipes just as much as I have.

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  1. Nori Mason said:

    Vanalee, This is amazing, I love all the recipes. You are an amazing cook and woman!

    Love you,

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